Dr. Matheny is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach.

He has also completed the Ziglar Speaker’s Institute and “Essential Presentation Skills” course

Keynotes and topics that can be given from 30 minutes to a full day presentation:

  • The 10 things that Sales Masters do that Dentists don’t do to sell their products/services
  • How to tell if patient objections are real or false and how to deal with it either way
  • Persistence: Your key to $ales $uccess
  • The Ziglar Performance Formula
  • Born to Win
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Building Winning Relationships
  • Building the Best You

To get more information about booking Dr. Matheny for your event, email Dr. Matheny at: info@drmatheny.com

Dr. Matheny with Tom Ziglar, son of Zig Ziglar and Bryan Flanagan, past sales trainer with Ziglar corporation

Dr. Matheny with Tom Ziglar after becoming a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

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