Doctor Sales Academy

Online course consisting of over 40 videos teaching all aspects of sales training from how to prepare ahead of time for the case presentation, exactly what to say and do during the case presentation, how to handle all patient objections and how to follow up with those patients that don’t accept your treatment right away.

*All the strategies and techniques taught in the course have been applied to dentistry and demonstrated how to use them in your office.

*There are no shady sales methods taught, all strategies are taught with high morals and ethics. This is selling from the heart, not the wallet!

*This is called Selling with Integrity, the way you would talk to a loved one!

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Sales Mastery Monthly

As a member of Sales Mastery Monthly, you will get ongoing, ethical sales training, applied to Dentistry, in the form of a video available on the site, at the beginning of each and every month.

Each video will teach you various tips, techniques and strategies that I have learned from sales trainers, gurus and experts and applied them to the dental office for maximum benefits. This information will be done in a way that is perceived well by your patients, not pushy, aggressive or high pressure in any way.

By applying these strategies, you will learn how to get the patient to know, like and trust you more than ever before, to increase your case acceptance!

With the information you will learn in these videos, you will be able to go to your office the next day and apply these techniques to help increase your collections while decreasing your overhead and stress. This will help you to, not feel like you are burning out in your job, get more sanity back to your job and help you reach your financial goals faster, with a more balanced home and work life.

Investment is only $67/month. There is no contract to join and can be cancelled anytime! If you don’t feel that the videos are worth many times more than the small monthly investment, send me an email to cancel immediately.

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Show Me the Money Masterclass

This masterclass is a mini-course, comprised of 10 short videos designed for the front office staff at the dental office. It is taught by Dr. Matheny and his office manager, Laura, who is the best Dr. Matheny has seen in his 30 years on collecting the money.

It covers many aspects of how to get the patient to pay for their investment they are spending for your services. You will learn how to get the patients to pre-pay for their treatment at the time they schedule their first appointment, including what to say and how to overcome any objections the patients give when asked to pre-pay. You are taught how to collect money when there is insurance involved and how to deal with financing if needed. How to prevent buyer’s remorse is also covered to prevent patients from prepaying, then having second thoughts and calling to cancel for a refund. If you apply and practice the knowledge taught in this course, it can help lead to increased collections, decreased accounts receivables and more patients showing up for their appointments, decreasing no-shows and cancellations. Total investment only $497.

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FREE 3-Part Video Sales Training for Dentists

Life-changing strategies used by the greatest salespeople in the country, applied to dentistry, to improve your case acceptance!