“I’d Like to Teach You the Sales Tactics You Didn’t Learn in Dental School”


Dr. Matheny with Kevin Harrington, from Shark Tank, after completing his course, “Secrets to Closing the Sale.”

Dr. Matheny began his journey towards sales mastery over a decade ago. He took a sales training course that was not geared towards dentistry. He was amazed when he learned how the greatest salespeople in our country sell their products and services! He went on a quest to learn from the greatest salespeople such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Tom Hopkins. What he found was the strategies they used were completely opposite of what dentists do to sell their products and services! Not he knew why dentists have only a 23% acceptance rate when they present treatment to patients.

He took this information and applied it to his dental office, and it worked like magic! Dr. Matheny wondered why every dentist wasn’t taught this in dental school. Since then, he has begun a movement to help teach this life-changing information to every dentist he can. This way, their patients will get the dentistry done that they want and need and the whole office will benefit financially!

In order to help as many dentists as possible, Dr. Matheny became a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Coach. He went on to develop Doctor Sales Academy, an online video training course for doctors and their team covering all aspects of sales training with many real-life examples applied to the dental field. He does in-office training so dentists don’t have to leave home and their team can be personally trained with role-playing so they feel comfortable when speaking to their patients.

Dr. Matheny has a monthly subscription service called, Sales Mastery Monthly, where twice a month, he puts up a video covering great sales training tips and techniques that you can use in your office to help in your journey towards sales mastery. His private Facebook group is available to all that sign up for any of his services where questions, comments and success stories can be shared with each other and by Dr. Matheny himself.