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Dr. Matheny began his journey towards sales mastery over a decade ago. He took a sales training course that was not geared towards dentistry. He was amazed when he learned how the greatest salespeople in our country sell their products and services! He went on a quest to learn from the greatest salespeople such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Tom Hopkins. What he found was the strategies they used were completely opposite of what dentists do to sell their products and services! Not he knew why dentists have only a 23% acceptance rate when they present treatment to patients.

He took this information and applied it to his dental office, and it worked like magic! Dr. Matheny wondered why every dentist wasn’t taught this in dental school. Since then, he has begun a movement to help teach this life-changing information to every dentist he can. This way, their patients will get the dentistry done that they want and need and the whole office will benefit financially! LEARN MORE


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This course consists of over 40 videos teaching all aspects of sales training from how to prepare ahead of time for the case presentation, exactly what to say and do during the case presentation, how to handle all patient objections and how to follow up with those patients that don’t accept your treatment right away.

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Show Me the Money Masterclass

This masterclass is a mini-course, comprised of 10 short videos designed for the front office staff at the dental office. It is taught by Dr. Matheny and his office manager, Laura, who is the best Dr. Matheny has seen in his 30 years on collecting the money. This course covers many aspects of how to get the patient to pay for their investment they are spending for your services.

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How to Find an Extraordinary Dentist by Dr. R. Anthony Matheny

Joey Discovers: He Has Worm Poop on His Teeth! is a book to motivate kids to brush and floss by Dr. R. Anthony Matheny

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FREE 3-Part Video Sales Training for Dentists

Life-changing strategies used by the greatest salespeople in the country, applied to dentistry, to improve your case acceptance!